5 ways yoga teachers use intention cards in their classes and with their students

As I prepare to be an exhibitor at this year’s Toronto Yoga Conference, I’m inspired to share how yoga teachers are bringing May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards into their classes and into the lives of their students.

But, before we get to that, a quick word about the Toronto Yoga Conference. This is an incredible event for anyone interested in yoga. Headstands not required! If you are interested in studying with some of the best teachers in North America, sign up for their sessions.

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With the buzz of the yoga conference in the air, I’m especially excited about how the May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards are being incorporated into yoga classes across the continent.

  1. Intention Setting – Many teachers invite students to choose a card at the beginning of a class. Amy Kerman-Gutzmer is a passionate yoga teacher from Illinois. “I have used the May You Know Joy cards in my classes as something to bring your focus back any time your mind starts to wander throughout the class,” said Amy. She had this to add about the Seeds of Intention cards: “I love how they say ‘for today…’  I learned in my yoga training to say ‘just for today…’ as I give instructions because people feel it is less intrusive, especially if whatever it is happens to be something they are used to doing.
  2. Completing the Experience – Teachers often invite students to pick a card at the beginning of class. Then, at the conclusion of the class, students are offered the opportunity to read what the companion booklet has to say about the card they chose. Students leave the class with a deeper sense of insight and meaning. Samantha Warren (Sam), a teacher in Toronto  uses this technique. “Most students LOVE the messages and find them so relevant. In fact, a lot of my students ask about where to purchase the cards.”
  3. Consent Cards for Hands-on Adjustments – Sam finds a double purpose for the cards. “At the beginning of the class, I ask each student to pick a card they feel called to. If they are open to receiving hands-on touch or the use of essential oils they leave the card with the message up. If they aren’t open to receiving they leave it with the message down, logo side up. This allows me as their teacher to know where their personal boundaries are in that moment and that day.”
  4. Gifts for Teacher Trainees – Teachers from across North America have reached out to place bulk orders for both May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards. They give them to students as they graduate from teacher training programs. The cards are a thoughtful gesture honouring the students’ accomplishment and encouraging ongoing intention setting and the practice of mindful living.
  5. Bringing Intention to Yoga Retreats  – The cards also lend themselves beautifully to yoga retreat environments. They can be casually set out to be plucked by passersby for inspiration over the duration of the retreat or used as a conversation starter in a workshop.  They can be incorporated in the yoga practices or used to inspire journalling and introspection.  The cards also make a thoughtful memento, which helps students carry their experiences back into their everyday lives in a physical form.

Seeds of Intention and May You Know Joy cards bring magic wherever they go. I’ve experienced it countless times and heard stories from teachers who use them. “I’ve had so many compliments from students who love having something to focus on,” says Amy. “It really seems each statement is EXACTLY what the person needed to hear that day!” 

Sam has had the same experience with her students. “There have been some incredibly powerful moments,” she says. “One day, a new student came to my class and pulled the card “clarity”. After reading the description she cried because it applied to her life so well. Whenever she comes back to my class, she always tells me that that moment changed her life; she got clear and gentle with herself and is now beginning to see everything in a new light.” 

Are you a yoga teacher? Do you want to share these cards with your students but you can’t make it to the Toronto Yoga Conference? You can shop online. For 15  per cent off, use the promo code:  JOY15. 

And once you’ve had a chance to use them in your own practice or with your students, please share with me how you’re using them. May your yoga practices and classes be filled with joy and intention!