Joy Disclaimer: Not for the Feint of Heart - May You Know Joy

Another word about this blog … I think that you will quickly come to recognize a theme if you visit regularly.  That is, joy is not just sunshine and lattes and dog walks (although those are 3 of my favourite things!!).  I believe in the full spectrum of our being and believe that joy is available to us when we fully embrace the full catastrophe as Jon Kabat-Zin so aptly put it.

What I mean is that deep and authentic and foundational joy is available to us when we embrace our pain and our suffering and our sadness – when we recognize and honour our feelings and allow them to flow through us.

It is like darkness and light – we cannot know one without the other.  Each day, we enjoy light and darkness and everything in between.  Shadows are cast and they’re just there – not good or bad – just there.

I’m bringing this up because, in picking the May You Know Joy cards or navigating towards joy, I’ll continually invite you (and myself!) to look at the opposite and how it’s true in our life and how we can use all of it to set intentions and navigate toward joy.

I’m not sure I’ve made sense here but, I’ll reference it in future posts.  The journey is honest and raw and beautiful.  I won’t ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do but, I will ask you to be truthful and kind and courageous and patient.  If you’re open to joy and willing to continually navigate towards it, it is available to you.  I look forward to having you on this journey with me.