Fearlessness: I’m Not So Sure About This One - May You Know Joy

When I created the May You Know Fearlessness card, I know where I was coming from – I’d been forced to face a great deal of my own darkness in recent years and in coming through that I felt lighter and more bold. I felt that I was no longer afraid and could face any situation head on.

However, I’ve had to take pause and re-consider this recently. To mark a personal milestone and the completion of my divorce, I have just booked a trip to Bali. While it sounds exciting and exotic (which I hope it will be), I am utterly terrified. I have never travelled to Asia – let alone by myself. It feels like a personal challenge and pursuit that I had to just press ‘go’ on.

In relaying this to a dear friend, she reminded me of what our mentor Martha Beck shares on this topic. She talks about the importance of fear (as many people do) in pushing you outside your comfort zone and opening up to the fullness of the possibilities all around you. Here’s a quote from her book The Joy Diet (of course, I wish I’d written this book LOL)…

“Experience has taught me that the way to a joyful life is always fraught with fear, that to find it you must follow your heart’s desires right through the inevitable terrors that arise to hold you back. If you don’t do this, your life will be shaped by fear, rather than love, and I guarantee, the shape will be narrow and tiny compared with your best destiny.”

With that, I’m planning my trip to Bali and preparing myself for adventure.

I still believe that fearlessness is a worthwhile concept to consider – it sounds so much better that May You Know Fear. I invite you to consider something that you would love to do but, are afraid of doing. Put it out there in the world and sit with it. Maybe it goes on a vision board, in your journal, is shared with a friend or just rests in your heart. What are you afraid of? Where is that place beyond fear? How will you feel 20 years from now? Is the risk worth it? And – what would love do?