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New Year.  New Love

New Year. New Love

In 2017, I wish you freedom, love and oneness. Recent experiences have reminded me that these joyful qualities of life are still available to us, even during challenging times. To mark some personal milestones, I recently spent a few weeks on the lush island of Bali....
Fearlessness:  Part 2

Fearlessness: Part 2

Given my recent admission that I really believe in fear.  I can feel it in my stomach right now and probably will well past the time my plane departs on January 2nd and as I do a host of other risky things between now and then. Maybe what I’m looking to celebrate or...
Welcome to my Joy Journal!

Welcome to my Joy Journal!

As you will have already gathered from this site and my work, I’m aspiring to curate a joyful life and if I can inspire or empower you do to the same – even in some small way – it would be my pleasure and my honour. This weekly blog will take its...